The Tactical CEQ Program

Tactical CEQ is like gaining a PR expert, a copywriter, an influencer “magnet” and a high end content writer! – ALL IN ONE PLACE.

What is tactical CEQ?

Tactical CEQ

is a high-level business training program that teaches you how to create multiple areas of business exposure, expansion and growth within your industry – ORGANICALLY.

Tactical CEQ

eliminates the need for quick fix solutions like artificial SEO generation and expensive Facebook ads that convert sporadically.

Tactical CEQ

flips the sales conversion process by establishing the business owner as the person to seek out for their audience’s need.

Tactical CEQ

solves the problem of being an expert but not having any visibility or exposure (Low audience numbers is a common variable in low income and early stage business models).

Tactical CEQ

will remove the issue of “business stealth” and a company’s presence not being seen by enough potential clients and customers for sales to occur.

Why is tactical CEQ the best option for your business?

There are NO OTHER programs that teach this level of growth at this low of a price point. Comparable prices for the equivalent training would run over $11,000 and require numerous experts and programs.

You will learn how to:

  • Gain high organic exposure on social media
  • Recruit targeted Influencers
  • Create a media platform
  • Create a deeper connection with your audience through compelling story crafting
  • Create a unique business culture and step out from the anonymity of a website.
  • Collaborate with the other entrepreneurs (collaborating with those in Tactical CEQ will also be a key factor for success in the program)

WHO IS Dr. Robert Garcia?

Dr. Garcia is a former college Professor of Business and Ed.D holder. He has been featured on 70+ business podcasts, Fox News 3 times, CBS Radio, being a speaker at a Mark Cuban event, and having collaborations with influencers such as Mike Michalowicz, NYT best selling author and Dale Comstock, Delta Force and reality TV star.

By using the components of Tactical CEQ, he was able to leverage his status as a thought leader into a sought after expert for numerous interviews and speaking gigs such as The Business Doctor TV Show and Marshal Gillen’s Top Paid Speaker Event. He is a 17 year veteran of the US Military.


The tactile learning methodology will be used throughout the program.

You will receive guidance from both live weekly trainings conducted by Dr. Rob and also through digital resources developed to help you succeed. You will be given tasks each week that will allow you to apply all strategies to further reinforce learning of applicable skill.

Tactile learning techniques have been scientifically proven to have better retention rates and are more effective for numerous learning types. “Learning by doing” has been an effective instructional technique since the Industrial Age.

For example, you will learn about influencer recruiting techniques and how to locate influencers. You will then be tasked with researching influencers in your industry, directly contacting them and pitching them for cross promotion. You will then report your results in the Facebook group for collaboration. All lessons will be conducted this way for maximum effectiveness.

Other tasks might involve creating a social media plan, getting a news appearance or podcast interview, or creating a series of trainings within their area of business. You will then be tasked with a deadline and a desired result.

Group work is highly encouraged for collaboration and accountability. On Saturday of each week, Dr. Garcia will conduct a group Zoom call to discuss results, answer questions and to encourage students with praise and observations.


Students enrolling in the 1:1 program will receive:

  • 6 individual 1:1 calls with Dr. Garcia to work directly together to create the deliverables for each week (ex. Media Plan, Influencer Recruitment Strategy, Social Media Plan).
  • Membership to the private FB group (this exclusive group will allow for group collaboration, accountability partnerships and the exchange of ideas and support for all students.)
  • Weekly group mastermind
  • Specialized social media promotion and a feature in SHIFT Magazine promoting their business.

Week 1

CEQ Foundational Structure
The CEQ Mindset
  • Instructional Concepts that come together to augment your business presence as an industry leader
  • Learning the difference between an expert and a celebrity
The CEQ Diagnostic Questionnaire and Socratic Design Worksheet
  • Quickly learn how to diagnose your CEQ level and if you are seen as a top industry leader by using these powerful tools
Becoming Media Savvy
  • Learn the 7 things producers look for in a potential interview/media appearance
  • Crafting your story to be irresistible to media hosts

Week 2

CEQ Foundational Structure
Influencer Recruitment
  • Locate, pitch, recruit and align with influencers and celebrities for high end collaborations
  • The 7 types of high audience influencers

Week 3

Being Seen and Known
How To Teach Your Industry
  • Direct instruction and guidance on how to create content in your niche
  • Full list of mediums for reaching your audience

Week 4

Being Seen and Known
Social Media Supercharged – Template for Facebook Posts
  • How to craft FB engagement posts and the psychology behind them
  • How to leverage posts to create benefits for your audience

Week 5

Creating Power and Influence
How To Build a Network of Raving Fans
  • Audience cultivation and building
  • Creating value for your audience
  • Creating Your Superpower
  • The origin of power and influence
  • Leveraging your reach through leadership

Week 6

Being Seen and Known
Media Platform Creation or Speaker Career Creation
  • Student will choose instruction in either creating a Youtube channel/magazine/podcast or a speaking career
Content will be delivered by email each week and will also be available in the “file” section of the private group for instant download.
The content will contain embedded videos, digital guides and diagram based instructions plus templates.
Each week, content will be discussed via video call and students will get personal 1:1 guidance and recommendations with Dr. Garcia in the weekly group mastermind.

Graduates of Tactical CEQ:

Will be awarded a certificate of completion and a Tactical CEQ coin.

Will have lifetime email access to me for questions at no charge.

Will receive support in the Success Engineers Facebook group and LIFETIME membership in the Tactical CEQ Private group at no extra charge.

Will receive social media promotion announcing their business, story and completion of program at no extra cost.

The Result?

After Enrolling In Tactical CEQ:

You will learn the components of multiple areas of exposure resulting in higher sales and offers.

You will be able to create a robust and dynamic social media plan, pitch influencers for collaboration and learn how to create a powerful DIY media plan.

You will learn how to create consistent engaging content for your industry and how to position yourself as an industry change leader.

“Easy to use strategies, learned a ton about social media postings and the value of visibility. Recommend to EVERYONE wanting to increase their business presence.” -Patrick Kirby

“Tactical CEQ showed me how to reach out to influencers and grow my sales. Amazing program!” -Jennifer Shaw

Enroll Now:

There are several business growth strategy programs on the market but Tactical CEQ is the ONLY ONE that offers social media strategy, media placement training, influencer recruiting, and content creation in one course.

Tactical CEQ will be offered for $1997 for group program or $3500 for 1:1 training.

Enlist now: Group Training

Enlist now: 1:1 Training

Frequently Asked Questions:

A payment plan will be offered for a 10% fee. Students will be able to make 2 payments for either program. Students will be able to pay through Paypal or Venmo. FULL payment must be received by course start date for student enrollment. Any student not paid in full will be disenrolled in the course and a full refund of all funds collected will be applied. Students receiving a refund will NOT be allowed to enroll in any future Tactical CEQ course offered.
A client agreement will be offered before payment is accepted that states all stipulation
Payments MUST BE MADE 100% in full before the course begins
A SIGNED client agreement must be submitted before enrollment in Tactical CEQ can take place.

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